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Our 2400TU unit is ideal for plants and refineries, remote helicopter pads and drilling locations.

Perfect for many situations including wild land fire control, dust control and many other fire hazard events.

The 2400 TU can easily be moved by a half-ton or ¾ ton truck.


  • 24’ Steel constructed trailer
  • Safety plate surface
  • Heavy duty hitch and jack assembly
  • Two 5200lb axels with electric brakes
  • Hale or Godwin diesel power motor & pump. Starting at 500+ gpm
             Manufacturer and size are as per customer request upon order
  • John Deere diesel engine
  • Able to  handle up to a 265 gallon tote of foam
  • 100’ of ¾ inch hose for wash downs, cooling, or fire control
  • Tool Box mounted on the front of the trailer for tools and fittings
  • Each unit has steps and handrails located on the front and back  of the trailer
  • 20Lb ABC Fire Extinguisher
  • Stainless steel fire extinguisher with Fire Aid 2000 additive
  • Optional Add-ons:
             Ansul Foam Available • Class A Foam  •AR – AFFF Foam    •3%AFFF Foam
             Two complete sets of fireman bunker gear in job box. View Bunker Gear info

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