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SSI Manufacturing is based in Lufkin Texas and ships worldwide.  Let us provide a Fire Suppression System for your oil rig, power plant or industrial complex for fire protection full time or under special circumstances such as extreme drought.


Our Trailer Unit is the perfect solution for facilities that have stationary suppression systems and fire loops.  The trailer unit is easily pulled with a half ton truck which allows it to be quickly dropped near your hazard.  These units come standard with diesel power motor, pump. diesel engine, monitor, nozzle and fire extinguishers.


 Custom built skid unit that can be moved with a forklift. Originally designed to be used on oil rigs, this stationary unit is highly durable. This unit comes standard with diesel power motor, pump, diesel engine, monitor and nozzle.

Mini Skid

Our Mini Skid is equipped with a 3” monitor and foam educting nozzle. It can be easily moved with a forklift and positioned close to the hazard. The mini skid allows you to keep your valuable assets at a safe distance from the hazard.





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