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Originally designed for oil rigs, our SSI 1600WO is very durable and effective.

Our skid units are custom built to fit our customer’s specifications and environmental needs.

The 1600WO units are easily operated, safe and portable.


  • Standard measurements: 8′ x 16′
  • Easily moved with fork lift
  • Use anywhere with access to water
  • Goodwin & Hale diesel power motor & pump.  Starting at 500+ gpm.
             Manufacturer and size are as per customer request upon order.
  • John Deere diesel engine
  • 70+ gallon diesel tank
  • Foam induction nozzle.  Foam totes, drums or buckets can be used.
  • Suction hoses provided depending on customer’s needs. View hose info
  • 100’x3/4″ hose for wash down, cooling & decon
  • Stainless steel water fire extinguisher with Fire Aid 2000 additive
  • 20lb ABC fire extinguisher
  • Optional Add-ons:

    Two complete sets of fireman bunker gear in job box. View Bunker Gear info

    Ansul Foam Available

    • Class A Foam  •AR – AFFF Foam    •3%AFFF Foam

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